csshover.htc doesn't always work

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Subject: csshover.htc doesn't always work
Posted by:  Edward Hass (newsacc…@magiciandb.com)
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007

I am using csshover.htc to allow me to use the hover pseudo element in IE6.
The following excerpted code works fine in IE6 when I load the file locally.
When I upload it to my ISP and load it from there in IE6, it doesn't work.
(It works fine in all other browsers, both locally and from my ISP.)

The purpose of this code is to have an image appear to the right of the
question when you hover over the block of text that has a question in it.

Any ideas on why this is happening, and how to fix it?
<style type="text/css">
..mainpoint {border: 2px solid red; width:25%; background-color: #fe5200;
position: relative; }

..mainpoint img {display:none;}

..mainpoint:hover img {display:block; position: absolute; top: -100px; left:
225px; }

body  {behavior: url(csshover.htc)}

<div class="mainpoint">
    Question One
    <img src="images/Answer1.gif" alt =" " />

Thanks to all,
Edward Hass