Two images in background?

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Subject: Two images in background?
Posted by:  Ian Hobson (ian.hobs…
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008

Hi All,

The client has specified a CMS that generates html that is essentially a
table in a body tag.

      All the page here, with some transparent backgrounds.

Sadly it can't be changed.

Now he wants a background that is a 200*200 image, repeated in both
directions, but with a gradient.

The gradient is from near black at the top to old gold after 2 or 3
repetitions of the graphic, and then it is to be the graphic with the
old gold background further down the page. Some pages are only 3 repeats
tall, others are very long. Note - neither background is a plain colour.

I can create a 200 * 200 version and replicate it in both directions on
the body tag, to provide a plain version of the background.

I could create a 200 * 600 gradiented version and use repeat-X to
provide the gradient he wants at the top of the screen.

But I can see no way to place the gradient version over the plain
without adding a div to carry it.

Is there any way to do this?