Rant: Microsoft madness

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Subject: Rant: Microsoft madness
Posted by:  DuncanIdaho (Duncan.Idaho20…@googlemail.com)
Date: Tue, 06 May 2008


This is a rant. If you don't want to read it then don't, simple really.

I usually spend my working life buried away in the back ends (fnar) of
business systems. Serverside stuff over presentation stuff.
I've managed to steer clear of Microsoft stuff for most of my working
life, not really by design, it's just the way it turned out.

Recently I was given the task of setting up a website from scratch
including the front end.

I chose Opera(V9.27), Firefox(V2.0.0.n) and Internet Explorer(V7.0) as
my dev browsers as these were the ones used by the eventual users of the

What a nightmare.

I wanted to use Cascading Stylesheets as widely as possible.
Firefox and Opera (almost invariably) render my style code in the same
way. Internet Explorer is ALWAYS the exception. Dissapearing <div>s non
appearing padding/margins, divs that don't expand when they are supposed
to or do expand when they are not supposed to ... I could go on but
there seems little point.

Now I've always stood back when people dis' Microsoft and thought, "well
OK but it can't be that bad". Well actually it is. For gods sake, when
are these people going to GET A GRIP. IE7 is RUBBISH when it comes to
css, at least in my experience.

I have spent(wasted) more time trying to get the layout to work in IE
when it works perfectly in the other browsers (even in older versions of
those browsers) than I care to remember.

The really sad thing is I have no option but to support this pile of
poo, it's by far the most widely used browser out there. If I had my way
I delete the bloody thing and be done with it.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Surely a triumph of marketing over

Rant Over