Choice of format for web publishing

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Subject: Choice of format for web publishing
Posted by:  Haines Brown (brow…
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008

I'd like to raise an issue that is somewhat outside the focus of this
newsgroup although related, which is the ideal document format for web

In terms of likely future trends, what is the ideal format for the
publication of technical documents (by "technical", I mean documents
that are paginated, have bibliography and footnotes),

The reason for my question is that I've become involved in a project to
develop an on-line journal in the humanities. The publisher intends to
solicite manuscripts in Word and convert them to PDF (using Chicago
Style Sheet, which is another matter).

My instinct is to suggest to him that PDF has disadvantages (including
accessibility and not being machine readable), and that he consider
(X)HTML instead. I'd like to know reasons for choosing one over the


      Haines Brown, KB1GRM