Re: Can I apply CSS to object?

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Subject: Re: Can I apply CSS to object?
Posted by:  dorayme (doraymeRidTh…
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008

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shapper <mdmou…> wrote:

> I have an image and a flash movie. I need both to be side by side.
> I know that I can apply float:left to the image but should I do the
> same to the object or should I wrap it into a div?

Since you never seem to provide URL best shot attempts, perhaps you
might be careful to describe what you have actually tried and what you
see as the problems in what you have done.

If the image and movie are to fit on most people's screens side by side,
just floating the image might be fine. If you need to have them side by
side at all costs, then you can wrap them in a container and give this
container a width that will always accommodate them, scroll bars coming
up if need be.




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