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Subject: OT: IE9
Posted by:  Jeff Thies (jeff_thi…@att.net)
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2010

I see that MS has announced a public beta release of IE9 on Sept
15, which is rapidly approaching.

  This interests me not so much as something new but pushes IE6 towards
the ash heap it belongs on. IE 6 share now is large enough not to be

  IE6 seems to be tied into XP, and XP is still the most popular OS.

  IE6 has a few nasty quirks that if not taken care of can badly break
a page (png transparency and inline-block to mention a couple). Other
problems like attribute support lacking I think are tolerable

  Anyone care to speculate on IE9 and/or the complete (enough) demise
of IE6?