Drop Down Menus -- good for the blind and old browsers?

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Subject: Drop Down Menus -- good for the blind and old browsers?
Posted by:  Steve (tinker1…@gmail.com)
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010

Hi all;

I'm considering rebuilding a web site for a friend.

The current site has MANY internal links,  The good news is that many
of the links can be logically grouped into a small number of sets.

I'm considering organizing all of the internal links into a CSS drop
down menu.

However, I have two concerns and would like to get some opinions.

First, I heard that drop down menus are bad for blind users.  I don't
think we have any, but since nothing is built yet I thought I would
take it into consideration.  What I read is that browsers for the
blind don't handle drop down menus well.  Is this true?  If so, can
drop down menus be gracefully altered to make them workable for
disabled users?

Second, like many people I still fear IE 6, which is still out

Is it practical to make a CSS based drop down menu that will work in
current browsers and legacy IE 6 users?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts