import & @font-face issues

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Subject: import & @font-face issues
Posted by:  drum118 (drum1…
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012

I want to use various different fonts not on view systems and have ran
into some issues and not sure why things are not working.

At this time, I have created a master css page with 60 different fonts
styles on it.

I have used the full path to the various fonts since they will be at
different levels on the various pages. IE: src: url ('http://sitename/

If I used @import url (), the fonts don't work and I think I now the
reason now.

If I use @font-face {font-family=""; src: url (object/fonttype/
fontname/font) on the css page or the html page, it end up as a hit
and miss.

I just did some testing on a font call BlackRoseRegular with FF
refusing to display it while, Opera and Safari do. IE 7 does to a
point. IE will display the first header using this font, but refused
to display the 2nd location.

Based on this last test, I now understand why I am not seeing the
different style of font in FF, as it looks like FF doesn't understand
it in the first place. In some cases, I have the same issue with FF as
I have with IE 7, where one location display the font correctly, but
not in the other place.

Since this is my first real use of @font-face, what are known issues
for this, as well why the @import page is not working when I am using
the correct name in the first place? Some pages will only have one
special font family, while other will have a number of them.