IE8 is mucking my website - redux

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Subject: IE8 is mucking my website - redux
Posted by:  James Moe (jimoeDESP…
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2013

IE v8
WinXP sp3

  Visit <> with Internet Explorer v8.
  See that the dropdown menus do not work.
  The process of creating a test case, as frequently happens, made the
problem stand out: it is because of the addition of


to the :hover rules using the super-whizbang IE conditional. Ain't that
a kick in the head? The "filter" filtered the :hover function.
  I really do remember testing this and it worked at that time.
Apparently an update to IE8 has changed things. Ah, well... <sigh>.
  For now I have resolved the issue by not using the IE specific crud.

James Moe
jmm-list at sohnen-moe dot com