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Subject: Re: IE8 is mucking my website - redux
Posted by:  BootNic (bootnic.boun…
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2013

In article <H7OdnfPjTNEM7rTPnZ2dnUVZ5qWdnZ…>, James Moe
<jimoeDESP…> wrote:

> IE v8 WinXP sp3

> Visit <> with Internet Explorer v8. See
> that the dropdown menus do not work. The process of creating a test
> case, as frequently happens, made the problem stand out: it is because
> of the addition of

> filter:Alpha(opacity=3D100);

> to the :hover rules using the super-whizbang IE conditional. Ain't
> that a kick in the head? The "filter" filtered the :hover function.

> I really do remember testing this and it worked at that time.

This issue does not expose its self when setting IE to a backwards compatib=
mode. (Developer tools || X-UA-Compatible)

> Apparently an update to IE8 has changed things. Ah, well... <sigh>.

Perhaps, it does happen from time to time.

> For now I have resolved the issue by not using the IE specific crud.

That is a place to start.=20

I think you run into a :hover bug, if I recall correctly it shows up more o=
n the
li element. Removing the :hover selectors from the conditional comments wou=
allow the menu to appear.

If I understand the effect you are trying to produce, perhaps background-co=
may be a better choice.=20


I made no effort to make this compatible for IE lte 7, even so the filters =

BootNic                                                Sat Sep 7, 2013 03:0=
2 am
  It is well known that "problem avoidance" is an important part of problem
  solving. Instead of solving the problem you go upstream and alter the sys=
  so that the problem does not occur in the first place.
  *Edward de Bono*



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