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Subject: Tools re website management
Posted by:  Rhino (no_offline_contact_plea…
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014

Is anyone here aware of a tool that would help me determine which of the
many files that comprise a given website are actually used by that
website so that I can easily figure out which ones can be

In the course of developing any website, I create or use various files,
some of which don't get incorporated in the final version of the
website. For instance, I might try several banners/logos before I find
the one I like or I might have a large number of different backgrounds
that I try before I find one I really like. Or I might create a few
pages just to learn/practice a technique and use them as a prototype for
a "real" page in the site but not use the prototype in the final site.

There are various techniques I could use to determine if a given file is
actually used, such as renaming it and then seeing if the site is
unchanged as a result, but these techniques tend to be rather
time-consuming when there are a lot of pages. I was wondering if there
is an existing tool - ideally free - where I supply the names of my HTML
files and then it tells me the names of all the files that are used by
those files and ONLY those files, then sorts them all nicely eliminating
duplicates so that I can see which ones are actually used. Then I could
go through the directories on the server and eliminate all the ones that
aren't used without the risk of deleting something I'd forgotten that
was being used.

Can anyone point me to such a tool?