Show a child and not the parent

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Subject: Show a child and not the parent
Posted by:  Gloops (
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2018

Hello everybody,

On a query results page from Startpage, I have a header including an
input form for a new search.

The engine started with a completely crazy new stylesheet, that requires
the results to appear in one little third of the screen, so there is
only one result displayed at a time.

I can act on that with a local stylesheet, and this is where a little
help would seem useful this time. Is it possible to get the form visible
(something like display:block) and not the header (something like
display:none) ?

That does not appear obvious, with the attributes I said, hiding the
header also hides the form that is inside it.

Is it hopeless ?

Of course I first tried max-height, but did not succeed.