DIV scrolling downwards from the MIDDLE

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Subject: DIV scrolling downwards from the MIDDLE
Posted by:  groov…@cyberdude.com
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2018

I have a button, which, when clicked, I would like for a box (containing wh=
atever text/graphics/etc.) to scroll downwards, ie. come into view, FROM TH=
E BUTTON (ie. from it's bottom edge) - how do I do this, please? I've tried=
a LOT of searching, but I can't seem to make DuckDuckGo understand what I =
want :(
What I personally thought was, I could have the DIV positioned with it's bo=
ttom edge right at the bottom edge of the button, together with a "visibili=
ty: hidden",....and, I can't seem to proceed from there:( Simply turning ON=
the visibility is obviously not the effect I want....?