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Subject: WORKING CSS help, please
Posted by:  Robert Baer (robertba…
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2019

I need a "legal" (passes W3C validator) inline CSS script that
actually WORKS in an online HTML program.
  If you look at the styles below, be advised that the code works as
shown on their site, but cannot work in real life AND fails their validator.

  Ideas? suggestions? help?

        <!-- See first "example" and
                note they program the h1 attribute
                and that works on their site -->

          <!-- in reality, EVERYTHING is ignored in h1 -->
          <!-- NO "h1,..h6" attribute changes seem to work -->
          <!-- in ALL cases the W3C validator rejects ANY attempts
                to alter "h1,..h6" attributes  -->
  h1 { color:red;
        text-align:center; !important;
  h5 { text-align:center; font-family:arial; font-size:30px;
  h2 { color:red; font face:"arial"; font-size:25px;
  h3 { font face:"courier"; font-size:14px;



<!-- character look-up table needed BUT degree symbol and space cannot
be used or found -->

<h1><B>Subject Index<br></B></h1>
<a href="subject-index.html?find=0-9:">0-9</a>
<a href="subject-index.html?find=A:">A</a>
<a href="subject-index.html?find=B:">B</a>
<a href="subject-index.html?find=C:">C</a>
<a href="subject-index.html?find=D:">D</a>
<a href="subject-index.html?find=Y:">Y</a>
<a href="subject-index.html?find=Z:">Z</a>
    <!-- a sample from working list -->
    &nbsp; &nbsp;
    &nbsp; &nbsp;code
    &nbsp; &nbsp;<a href="services.html?find=code">Services</a>