Help! Netscape Trouble with Javascript

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Subject: Help! Netscape Trouble with Javascript
Posted by:  Terry (gobeyondgobeyo…
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003


I hope this problem I ran into has an easy fix.

I created a menu bar for my page using Sothink DHTML Menu 4.1 which
created javascript file.  I also add a small slide show on the page
using javascript and the javascript is embedded in this page's HTML.

Everything works perfectly with IE.  However, Netscape (4, 6, 7) can't
see the menu bar created in DHTML when the slideshow javascript is

If I just have the menu bar or slideshow alone on the page, Netscape can
see it, but it seems that Netscape always ignores the DHTML script when
both javascripts are present.  Not sure what is going.

I have tried to put the slideshow javascript in the .js file that has
the DHTML code for menu bar, but it didn't work either.

Thanks in advance for your help,