Accessing external Javascripts for information

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Subject: Accessing external Javascripts for information
Posted by:  John B. (jbarringt…@comcast.non)
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003

In an effort to turn  a little more a module with my pages, I would

like to turn my internal javascripts into an external javascript files

to supply the information onto a web page.

I still getting the hang of javascript, and I've searched the web, but

I'm either putting the wrong key words into the search engines, or

it can't be done. I've also done a quick search here, but some of

the answers about external javascript examples seem to deal with

issues of displaying CSS.

Here's an example page that contains a javascript that I would like

to turn into an external file:


<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Title of your page</TITLE>

<script language="JavaScript"><!--

function dateString(oneDate) {

var theYear = oneDate.getFullYear()

return theYear



<p>This is the year:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript"
>document.write(dateString(new Date()))</script>




If I can see how the simple example above is turned into an

external file and accessed from within the page, then I should

be able to figure out how to do my other scripts.

Thanks for any insight.

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