Netscape signtool 1.3 problem

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Subject: Netscape signtool 1.3 problem
Posted by:  gan… (Sruli Ganor)
Date: 7 Jul 2003

Hi Netscape gurus,

I'ne just installed Netscape 7.0 to my Windows PC and I'm trying to
sign JavaScripts, but get errors right on the beginning. Can anyone
tell me what am I doing wrong?

I went to Edit->Preferences->Software Security Device->Change Password
and set my password. Then I copied the updated cert7.db and key3.db to
my folder signdir. Now I do:

  > cd signdir
  > signtool -L

Alas, I get this:

  using certificate directory: .
  S Certificates
  - ------------
  You don't appear to have any object signing certificates.

Please help.

Thanks in advance
Sruli Ganor