Cascading select boxes.

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Subject: Cascading select boxes.
Posted by:  greg.mowe… (Greg)
Date: 8 Jul 2003

We have had this script on our site for a while, and it has always
worked in any browser we have tested. It dynamically fills one select
based on the selection of another select. Unfortunatly, with the
release of NS 7, and the related Mozilla engine, this script no longer

function popPresList(lstParent,lstChild){
  var n = lstParent.options[lstParent.selectedIndex].value; // get the
index of the controlling select.
  var k = 0;
  lstChild.options[++k] = new Option('Not Selected', '0');  // add the
default selection to the child list.
  if ( n > 0 )
    for(i=0;i<aPresHolder.length;i++)  // look through the array to
find the proper child array.
      var presArray = aPresHolder[i];
      if(presArray['parent']==n)    // does its parent match ours?
        txtItem = presArray['name'];  // get the text
        optValue = presArray['id'];  /get the value
        lstChild.options[++k]=new Option(txtItem, optValue);  //
create a new option
  if(k == 0)
    lstChild.options[++k] = new Option('None Available', '0');  //if
we have no children, display to user.
  lstChild.selectedIndex=1; // set the seletected index.

function clearPresList(lstChild)
var longi = lstChild.length;
for ( var i=0; i<=longi -1; i++ )
lstChild.options[i] = null;  // clear the present options

The html (stripped of surrounding tables, etc,)

<option value='0'>Not Selected</option>
<option value=301 >Poster</option>
<option value=302 >Oral</option>
<option value='0'>Not Selected</option>
<option value=1381 >Research</option>

can anyone shed some light on why this has stopped working, and what I
must to to fix it?