Re: Cascading select boxes.

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Subject: Re: Cascading select boxes.
Posted by:  Lasse Reichstein Nielsen (l…
Date: 08 Jul 2003

greg.mowe… (Greg) writes:

> We have had this script on our site for a while, and it has always
> worked in any browser we have tested. It dynamically fills one select
> based on the selection of another select. Unfortunatly, with the
> release of NS 7, and the related Mozilla engine, this script no longer
> works.

That would be little more than a year ago, if you take the Mozilla 1.0
release as a guide. Ofcourse, Netscape 6 was based on a pre-1.0 version,
and people have been using Mozilla for several years.

> can anyone shed some light on why this has stopped working, and what I
> must to to fix it?

In a Mozilla based browser, if you enter "javascript:" in the address
line or start the javascript console from the menu, what error message
does it show?


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