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Subject: form submit problem
Posted by:  kunta‚Ķ (Kuntal Joisher)
Date: 9 Jul 2003

I have a frameset -- which has 3 HTML pages.

its something like

      main            |
          |          |
results  |  track  |

main frame has a quiz.
track frame has a hidden form.
and results frame starts of as blank.

when user completes a quiz, then some values in track form are set and
a post is done using --

if (quizcompleted) {
track.document.trackingForm.command.value = "complete"
track.document.trackingForm.session_id.value = aiccSid;

I just want to know that what could be the cases where the HTTP post
being done when the quiz is complete can in:

*Can a User environment stop the Post from happening??
*Could there be some problems with the way above (frameset +
javascript submit) which could make the post fail -- I mean something
browser specific?
*Could there be some software on the Users machine which might be
filtering Javascript based submits??

PS: One thing I am sure about is that -- there is no problem on the
server side -- because I am observing the Logs and I donot get the
Posts at all..Also the User is able to do Posts from normal forms
(where the user needs to put in some data in the form) and is also
able to login to the site via the login form..but only in case when we
are trying to post hidden forms via form.submit() it somehow seems to

comments awaited..