Active link problem driving me nuts!!!

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Subject: Active link problem driving me nuts!!!
Posted by:  Fran Cotton (..@b)
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003

How do you stop the "active link" colour from disappearing when you click on
a div or span
part of a javascript tree that doesn't result in a new page being displayed,
only a new branch
being opened or closed?

I'll clarify further:

Imagine the following tree where (h) means the node is a hyperlink:

    product a (h)
    product b (h)
        bespoke software (h)
        tutoring (h)
        consultancy (h)
About Us (h)

If I select About Us, my main frame updates and About Us turns green ( my
active link colour ) as expected.
If I then click on tutoring, the green colour shifts and the frame updates
as expected. However, if I then click
on IT, I lose the active link on tutoring!! This shouldn't happen as the
tutoring page is still being shown in the
main frame. The tutoring tree node shouldn't lose its active link colour as
IT is a branch in a tree, not a leaf node
or document to be rendered and hence be active.

Many thanks in advance! ( this is driving me nuts! )

btw, I'm using Internet Explorer 5.5 if that helps.