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Subject: Re: window close problem
Posted by:  point (in…
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003

I have found a solution but I think the code isn't optimized(I have a
feeling that some lines are not used) but I don't have enough experience
with JS to optimize it by myself.....

So if some of You experienced guys could take a look at this and remove
what's not used...Or if you could do it in some other way.....

Thanx in advance...

function check_closed()
var top=self.screenTop;
if (top>9000)
  alert('Don't forget to refresh your window!')


<body onunload="javascript:if (document.all){check_closed()} else {var
top=window.outerWidth;if (top==0) {opener.alert('window was closed')}}">



"point" <in…> wrote in message
> Hello I'm a bit new to JS so be gentle :)
> I have a popup window name 'popup'....
> In this window content is changing according to user choice...
> how can i display alert box only when this popup window is closed??
> thanx...
> point



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window close problem posted by point on Mon, 14 Jul 2003