Back button and a Post form

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Subject: Back button and a Post form
Posted by:  hdenooij… (Hennie de Nooijer)
Date: 15 Jul 2003

Hi everbody,

I created webpage with a receipt with javascript so when someone
orders something from a product list a item is registered on the
receipt. This works fine now.

The next thing which i created is that the receipt works over multiple
pages. So when someone pushes a link i read some hiddenfields
(generated with javascript) into sessionvariables and a redirect to
proper page has been done. The sessionvariables are read, put into a
javascriptarray and are shown in the receipt

The problem
In short the back button (and the refresh button). Off course when
someone chooses the products and pushes back, the hidden fields are
not read by my "session handler". consequence is that the chosen
products are not shown in the receipt.

What can i do? What are my options? Could i put the session handler in
the history? But then a POST (submit) must happen because the hidden
fields are in a form.

I had this problem earlier with another website but then it wasn't
that annoying but now it's not acceptable for me and i want to find a
solution for this.

I saw on a website that, i think, was also created with javascript,
and every action is in the history registered somehow....