Newbie Javascript function for opening a window ...please help.

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Subject: Newbie Javascript function for opening a window ...please help.
Posted by:  jmurs‚Ķ (Jason Mursch)
Date: 16 Jul 2003

I am new to programming and am trying to modify this existing script
to elliminate the Browser toolbar, etc. I am able to do this via, but with this existing script I am struggling where to
add this info?
Do I add it as a variable? or is it added like a property? i.e.

Here's the existing code I am working on. Thanks to anyone who can
find me a clue. Jay

This is the code between the body tags and I want to add properties
like: height, width, location x & y, and remove tool bars, etc.
<script language="javascript">
        function openInfoWin(winURL, winWidth, winHeight, winFeatures)
            var selValue = document.Form1.cboSites.options[document.Form1.cboSites.selectedIndex].id;
  'Default.aspx?SiteID=' + selValue);
        <form id="Form1" method="post" runat="server">
            <SELECT id="cboSites" name="cboSites">
                <asp:Literal id="litOptions" runat="server"></asp:Literal>
            <INPUT id="btnView" type="button" value="Launch"