Newbie question on slideshows

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Subject: Newbie question on slideshows
Posted by:  Stephan Hauduc (chrisde…
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003

I want a script that 'automatically' reads the number of files in a dir and
and then shows them in sequence.

Basically I have a program that outputs jpg's as slide1.jpg, slide2.jpg,
etc.and I would like a script that automatically finds how many slides there
are and plays a slideshow of them.

Ideally as well I'd like to be able to set different time lenghts that the
different slides are displayed for (maybe with these times in an external
text file, if this is possible then the number of slides in the dir will not
have to be auto detected but could be put into a parameter, and included at
the top of the timing file).

I have programmed many times before, but am a complete javascript noobie and
have no idea of how to do this - I'd really appreciate any help.


Chris Dean