running scrip after the page is rendered.

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Subject: running scrip after the page is rendered.
Posted by:  Ed (eyou…
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003

Don't know where else to ask this question...AFS people tell me they
can't answer JavaScript's a little of both with vbscript
mixed in.

I have a series of select statements such as this one that gets it's
options from our database. At the end of the select statment(s) is a
script to create another row of select statements so a person needing
more than one account to process an order can do just that. Problem is I
can't run the sql script again after they click the "Add Account" so I'm
stuck just offering them a text boxes instead of select statements for
each additional Account they want to add...anyone know a way around this?

I need to build a select statment from a sql statement after the page
has been rendered.

        " FROM MasterTableCfoapal2"        
set rs2 = Connect2.Execute(sSQL2)

function addacc(num) {
var del1 = document.getElementById(num)
var stuff;
var arow = num * (-1);

stuff = "<select name=\"fund_1\" class=\"regSoft\">";
stuff = stuff + "<% Do until rs2.eof %>";
stuff = stuff + "<option><%=rs2(\"Fund\")%></option>";
stuff = stuff + "<% rs2.MoveNext";
stuff = stuff + "Loop %>";
stuff = stuff + "</select>";

num = num - 1;

stuff = stuff + "<div id=\"" + num + "\" style=\"visibilty:visible\">"
stuff = stuff + "<A onClick=\"javascript:addacc(" + num +")\"><u
class=\"regSoft\"><font color=\"blue\">Add Account</font></u></a></div>"
del1.innerHTML = stuff
<select name="fund_1" class="regSoft">
  <% Do until rs2.eof %>
  <% rs2.MoveNext
  Loop %>

<div id="-2" style="visibility:visible">
<a onClick=javascript:addacc(-2)><u class="regSoft"><font
color="blue">Add Account</font></u></a> </div>