make window not pop to back

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Subject: make window not pop to back
Posted by:  Eric Osman (ericosm…
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003


When I run the following html file on netscape, and the button is
clicked, the new window pops BEHIND all my other windows.

How can I easily fix this html file so the window comes up in front
(like a standard alert window would) ?

Thanks.  /Eric

Here's the html file (feel free to copy-paste it to try it) :

function showWin() {
    var hh="<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Answer</TITLE></HEAD>";
    hh+="<BODY><form><textarea cols=30 rows=3>You may highlight or edit";
    hh += "</textarea></form></BODY></HTML>";
// --></script></head><button type=button
onmousedown='showWin();'>Press to create popup window</button></html>