Newbie: learning by example

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Subject: Newbie: learning by example
Posted by:  shaab.mohag… (shaab mohagir)
Date: 20 Jul 2003


I'm new to javascript and i would like to do the following:
I need to show and hide forms or probably individual components
(buttons, text boxes), upon a user selection from a combo box.

For example: each entry (option) in the combo box has a group of
buttons and text boxes assosiated with it. when the user selects any
of these options, I need to "hide" all currently displayed components
(buttons, textboxes etc.)) and "show" only the ones that correspond to
the combo box current selection.

BTW, it will be nice if we don't have to reload the hole page each
time a combo box selection is made, just the frame or whatever
container that has the changes should be reloaded.

Is that easy to do, and pardon my mixed terminology.

Thanks for any help.