Remove specified value from array

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Subject: Remove specified value from array
Posted by:  sam_colle… (Sam Collett)
Date: 21 Jul 2003

How do I remove an item with a specified value from an array?

i.e. array values 1,2,2,5,7,12,15,21

remove 2 from array would return

(12 and 21 are NOT removed, duplicates are also removed)

So far I have (val is value, ar is array, returns new array):

function removeFromArray(val, ar){
    s = String(ar)
    // remove if not first item (global search)
    reRemove = new RegExp(","+val,"g")
    s = s.replace(reRemove,"")
    // remove if at start of array
    reRemove = new RegExp("^"+val+",")
    s = s.replace(reRemove,"")
    // remove if only item
    reRemove = new RegExp("^"+val+"$")
    s = s.replace(reRemove,"")
    return new Array(s)

However this seems to return 1,5,7,12,151 (the 151 is a result of the
',2' being removed from the '15,21' part of the array)

How would I modify this to get it to work properly (maybe as one
regular expression - broken down and explained though)?

Also I want it to work with strings as well (possibly containing


array = "Bloggs, Jo", "Doe, John", "Doe, Jane"
remove "Doe, Jane" from array to return "Bloggs, Jo","Doe, John"