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Subject: Re: tabIndex Help Please???
Posted by:  Philip Ronan (phil.ronanz…
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003

On 03.7.23 5:40 PM, Brad Isaacs wrote:

> Dear friends,
> I am using tabIndex and it works with my IE 5.5, IE6.0, and the NN6
> browsers.
> However, it does not work for NN4.  After reading online & seeing in my
> JavScript Bible that it is NOT COMPATIBLE for NN4,,
> I am wondering if there is anyone out there with any ideas ,,as to how I may
> get the same tabbing sequence within NN4 without the use of tabIndex??

Have you tried changing the order in which the form elements appear in the
HTML file?


Philip Ronan
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tabIndex Help Please??? posted by Brad Isaacs on Wed, 23 Jul 2003