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Subject: how hide scrollbars: conclusion
Posted by:  adrien (df…
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003

Thanks for all the answers about how to hide scrollbars in netscape.
The conclusion is that it's not possible. My initial purpose is to compare
some Netscape and IE possibilities and it's the second time that i have to
conclude that Netscape can't do something while IE does:
1) IE is able to hide scrollbars (even only vertical or only horizontal)
while Netscape is not.
2) IE is able to start a sound (wav) when the mouse e.g. goes over an image,
while Netscape is not.
Look at this:
<embed id="noise" type="audio/wav" src="" loop=0 width="0" height="0"
<img border="0" id="cam" src="image.gif" OnClick="startnoise()" >
<script language=javascript>
function startnoise() {
document.getElementById("noise").src="my.wav" }

This doen't work with Netscape while the same script but with 'bgsound'
works with IE.

It becomes very hard to make a webpage that can be read by both browsers ...