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Subject: Shopping cart
Posted by:  Paul Bruneau (brunea…
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003


I hope someone can help me make a working shopping cart, as a learning tool.

If I have a "Product Demo" html page with a "Buy Me" button, there must be
a simple javascript method of storing the necessary product information. There
could be several fields involved...  [ price;  quantity;    product ID number;
manufacturer; the list could go on and on]

Then there ought to be another javascript method that can create a new
document based on the list a user has built selecting product from several
of thos "Buy Me" buttons.

That appears to me where my brain always farts! I can't seem to get my mind
wrapped around how Javascript carries any variables around from one page
to another.

Once I do this and understand it, I'll be happy to jump into the several full
shopping cart examples..... but catalogs and databases are beyond me at
this point.

I just want to follow the K.I.S.S. principal to understand the very basics.

Anyone care to help me here?

Regards, and many thanks for even considering this post

Paul B.