Calling JS from JSP

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Subject: Calling JS from JSP
Posted by:  lizzy.lop… (Lizzy)
Date: 24 Jul 2003

I am having problems calling progressbar.js from my jsp. I am using
the following call:
<script language="javascript" src="../progressbar.js"></script>

The progressbar.js is not located in the same directory as the jsp, it
is located in the directory above it, that is why I'm using the "../";
the error that I am getting is "object expected" on line 235 error.

Line 235 has:

This is the function inside the progressbar.js file. This is an
internet application, therefore, I have to code this for all versions
of IE and Netscape. However, I'm trying to get this working on IE 6.0
first, then I'll worry about Netscape.

Anyone has any suggestions on what to do?