How to Create a Site-Level Search Applet???

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Subject: How to Create a Site-Level Search Applet???
Posted by:  dlchristoph… (D. Lee Christopher)
Date: 25 Jul 2003

Can anyone point me to a good tutorial for creating a site-level
search applet?  I am trying to create a virtual catalog of sorts, and
I would like to be able to search the catalog and have the results
displayed on the same page with one column text and an image of the
product.  I've seen several tutorials that create site-level searches
that will bring back a search results page with options to choose
from.  I am looking to create a search that does not bring back this
"results" page, but displays an image of the product instead.  Given
the nature of the products, search results will only bring back one
specific item, and so, I would like to skip the "results" page
altogether.  Any thoughts?

I thank you in advance for your consideration.