Javascript that does not work in NN/Mozilla

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Subject: Javascript that does not work in NN/Mozilla
Posted by:  rnd (
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003

Hi all!

could you kindly help me to solve a compatibility problem that involves
Internet Explorer and NN/Mozilla.

I created a html page that contains a form (its name is "Modulo") and some
text boxes. After clicking on a button, a popup appears.
I tried to modify the text of "Testo" textbox from the popup windows by
using the following javascript code:
window.opener.Modulo.Testo.value=window.opener.Modulo.Testo.value + " This
will be added to Testo textbox!";

The code is correctly run by Internet Explorer and the "Testo" textbox in
the calling html page is successfully updated.
When I try to open these pages with Mozilla, the javascript code that should
update the textbox is ignored. How can I solve this problem?

I hope that someone of you will be so kind to give me an answer.

P.S. Please excuse me for my horrible English.

Best regards to all the newsgroup.
Mauro. --