Check for existing array from another page

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Subject: Check for existing array from another page
Posted by:  millhouā€¦ (Dave)
Date: 27 Jul 2003

Can I determine if an array of image links is already in memory
without using cookies or a hidden frameset? Scenario: visitor starts
with Home page, images (links) for navigation pre-load no problem.
Visitor follows search engine link and does not land on Home, thus no
links. But if I put the same code on every page to allow for that,
won't the images re-load every time those pages are loaded? If so,
there's be no point in pre-loading.

My approach up to now: I tried to set a variable value at the end of
the pre-load script, and test for it at the begining of the same
script on each page. Thus, no matter where they land, the pre-load
script runs if the value does not exist, and doesn't run if it exists.
Thus on every page the script would be the same, allowing me to use it
as a template. But I cannot figure out how to discover the existence
of the variable value when loading other pages. Using the alert
function tells me it does not exist. Any suggestions (remember, no
framesets or cookies, please)?

One thing that just occurred to me: what if I called the same external
script from each page? Would the variable value be accessible when
navigating from page to page or would it be reset anyway?
Thanks for any help.