srcElement in IE = what in Netscape?

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Subject: srcElement in IE = what in Netscape?
Posted by:  Dan (hgfgh…@dfgd.rf)
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003


When i click down with the mouse, i want to be sure that the image "myimg"
is clicked before doing something. With IE i use 'srcElement' and it works:

<IMG ID="myimg"  SRC="bugs.gif" onMouseDown="downtest()">
function downtestIE()
if (strid=="myimg")
{ etc ...

But how to do the same for Netscape? I tried with 'currentTarget' but get
always: 'e has no properties'
var e;
function downtest(e)
if (strid=="myimg")
{ etc ...

Any help is welcome