How to disable and change img.src in Netscape

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Subject: How to disable and change img.src in Netscape
Posted by:  manji… (Manjit)
Date: 28 Jul 2003

Hi EveryOne,
I know it is very common question and had been asked few times, but
still after researching all the threads I couldn't solve my problem.
So here it is out in open and I hope that I can sort it out with your

I have a form with different inputs to fill up and some of the inputs
got buttons next to them for search lookups. The problem I am facing
is that when someone clicks on these lookup buttons and depending on
there selection in new search window I have to fill up the info back
in the form and disable the other lookup buttons. With the javascript
code I am using it is working fine with IE but Netscape is not

//This code is referring to the window where I want to make the
//window.opener.document is reffering to parent window
//LineItemForm is name of the form where the element is
//INJobLookup is name of the <input type="image"> element


Thank you for your time in advance.