check several, but not all checkboxes with 1 click

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Subject: check several, but not all checkboxes with 1 click
Posted by:  sigatropol… (John Banta)
Date: 30 Jul 2003

I have created a 12 month calendar where each day has a check box
whereby the user can indicate if that day is available or not
available for a certain event.  The calendar is 'drawn' in a single
form rather than 12 separate forms.

If the checkbox contained in each day within each month has a unique
name such as 1August2003, 2August2003, etc, is there a way in
Javascript where I could have a button by each month where the user
could click once to check each box within that month but not the other
11 months?  For example, I would like to have a link next to the
January header where the user can select all days in January.

I have seen posts where you can sleect all boxes within the form but
that isn't exactly what I need...I need to somehow do that but only if
the name contains a certain string (the month name in this case).  Any
help would be much appreciated.