globlas shmiglobas??? BIZARRE!!!

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Subject: globlas shmiglobas??? BIZARRE!!!
Posted by:  juangarc… (Juan Garcia)
Date: 31 Jul 2003

I have a file acGlobals.js with only one declaration

acCount = 0;

I have a html file where I include acGlobals.js and use that
variable...  ie.


Problem I see is that everytime I refresh the page alert displays a
"1".  ALWAYS.  So I figured, the global was being reinitialized to 0
when I reload the page.... fair enough.  So i changed the declaration
in acGlobals.js to not initialize to 0.  Just


Then alert displays "NaN."  What gives?  I then repeated the
experiment but added the "var" to the declaration...  Same result.
What kind of global is this?

Any ideas what is going on?  What am I doing wrong?