Fill dropdown on demand from script

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Subject: Fill dropdown on demand from script
Posted by:  Jochen Daum (jochen.da…
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003

Hi !

I have a page with a large amount of dropdowns, which are quite big
sometimes. All these are generated with PHP. Some timing tests tell me
that the problem is not the database, but the sheer data.

So, I would like to do something to fill the dropdown-box on demand. I
thought of maybe opening a Pop-Up window (maybe even an IE dialog box)
and copying the information from there into the select box.

How would you guys do that? Use a popup window, IE dialog or a hidden

Would you store the information in that popup? In a javascript array
or HTML form or something else?

Thanks for any idea.


Jochen Daum - CANS Ltd.
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