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Subject: mysql ?
Posted by:  Terry A. Haimann (ter…
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003

I realize this has been probably covered. But I want to pull data from one
of several mysql tables, depending on what choice is made from a select
box.  Is javascript a good choice?

I have poked around on the internet looking for answers as how to do this
and I have found the following connect statement:

database.connect("INFORMIX", "blue", "MANAGER", "invantory)

Unfortunatly, the documantation I have found indicates that MySQL isn't a
choice for database type(You've got to be kidding.)  So, it now appears
that you must use a odbc driver to make the connection.  This doesn't seem
like a good method for a common browser(w/o the correct odbc driver) to
look at my page.

I have also seen that some web designers have used php to pull the data
from mysql and then hand it off to javascript(I don't understand how this
works.)  It seems probable though that inorder for my page to work using
this option, I would have to pull all of my tables before displaying the
web page.

I would like to see a frank discussion of the pros and cons of each
method, or a sugestion of a better method.

Thx in advance,    Terry