Reliability/Availability of Option, Select, etc. objects

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Subject: Reliability/Availability of Option, Select, etc. objects
Posted by:  joe-… (Joe Kelsey)
Date: 2 Sep 2003

I cannot find references to the use of code like the following
anywhere in the W3C DOM:

var select = document.getElementById ('myselect');
select.options[select.options.length] = new Option ('string',

In other words, which W3C document standardizes the "new Option"
interface?  Or does this fall into the category of the mythical "DOM
0" interface, documented nowhere but implemented everywhere?

AFAIK, the W3C DOM specifies the existence of objects which implement
the interfaces of HTMLSelectElement, HTMLOptionElement, and so on, but
it does not actually specify the ability to actually instantiate an
HTMLOptionElement outside of the Document.createElement method.

I suppose it just means that for hysterical reasons, everyone needs to
support the original Netscpae interface including the legacy Objects,
so I might as well join the crowd, even though the Gecko DOM reference
makes no reference to them.