rollover problem

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Subject: rollover problem
Posted by:  Paul Weikel (weike…
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003

Can someone please tell me what the heck is wrong with my code here on line
59 and 60.  i get an error that says object expected and I have NO
understanding why.  There must be something im overlooking and its really
irritating because i know how simple this should.
<SPRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript">

if (document.images)  {

img1on = new Image();
img1on.src = "buttons/button_2_up.gif";

img2on = new Image();
img2on.src = "buttons/button_4_up.gif";

img3on = new Image();
img3on.src = "buttons/button_6_up.gif";

img4on = new Image();
img4on.src = "buttons/button_8_up.gif";

img1off = new Image();
img1off.src = "buttons/button_2_down.gif";

img2off = new Image();
img2off.src = "buttons/button_4_down.gif";

img3off = new Image();
img3off.src = "buttons/button_6_down.gif";

img4off = new Image();
img4off.src = "buttons/button_8_down.gif";

function imgOn(imgName)  {
if (document.images)  {
    document[imgName].src = eval(imgName + "on.src");

function imgOff(imgName)  {
        if (document.images)  {
  document[imgName].src = eval(imgName + "off.src");




<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\logo.gif" width="135" heigth="117" border="0"></TR>
<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\menu.gif" border="0"></TR>
<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\button_1_down.gif" border="0"></TR>

<TR><A href = "products.html" target="main"
onMouseOver = "imgOn('img1')"                                // this is the
line with the error!!!
onMouseOut = "imgOff('img1')">                                // this one
<IMG NAME = "img1" border=0 height=27 width=128

<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\button_3_down.gif" border="0"></TR>
<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\button_4_down.gif" border="0"></TR>
<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\button_5_down.gif" border="0"></TR>
<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\button_6_down.gif" border="0"></TR>
<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\button_7_down.gif" border="0"></TR>
<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\button_8_down.gif" border="0"></TR>
<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\button_9_down.gif" border="0"></TR>
<TR><IMG SRC="buttons\button_10_down.gif" border="0"></TR>