Re: Reliability/Availability of Option, Select, etc. objects

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Subject: Re: Reliability/Availability of Option, Select, etc. objects
Posted by:  DWilliams (dw…
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003


I think "new Option" belongs to the realm of JavaScript.


"Joe Kelsey" <joe-…> wrote in message
> I cannot find references to the use of code like the following
> anywhere in the W3C DOM:
> var select = document.getElementById ('myselect');
> select.options[select.options.length] = new Option ('string',
> 'string');
> In other words, which W3C document standardizes the "new Option"
> interface?  Or does this fall into the category of the mythical "DOM
> 0" interface, documented nowhere but implemented everywhere?
> AFAIK, the W3C DOM specifies the existence of objects which implement
> the interfaces of HTMLSelectElement, HTMLOptionElement, and so on, but
> it does not actually specify the ability to actually instantiate an
> HTMLOptionElement outside of the Document.createElement method.
> I suppose it just means that for hysterical reasons, everyone needs to
> support the original Netscpae interface including the legacy Objects,
> so I might as well join the crowd, even though the Gecko DOM reference
> makes no reference to them.
> /Joe



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