Backslash does NOT escape Apostrophe

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Subject: Backslash does NOT escape Apostrophe
Posted by:  tlash… (Terry Asher)
Date: 3 Sep 2003

The following script does NOT escape the Apostrophe.
Meaning when you mouseover the image the Alt tag
says this:  DMACC, It and then it stops.

<SCRIPT Language="JavaScript">
var pos = "DMACC, It\'s the Smart Thing to Do.";
document.write("<img name=img5 id=img5 src='/homepage/dmaccstudent" +
Math.floor(Math.random() *20) +
".jpg' WIDTH=145 HEIGHT=230 border=0 ALT='"+pos+"'>");

Please Help!  I've been struggling with
this stupid apostrophe for far too long!!!