Re: Javascript, signing, and Netscape 7

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Subject: Re: Javascript, signing, and Netscape 7
Posted by:  Martin Honnen (Martin.Honn…
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003

Thomas Revor wrote:

> I have a script used for automated file uploads (so people can create a
> list and walk away).  It currently works by uploading files all at
> once.  However, for security, tracking, and backups, I want to do it
> one by one.
> The way I would like to do it is to have a list of the files sent to
> the server, then the server sends a script back to start the transfer
> of the first file.  When it's done, it should send back the script to
> start the next transfer, etc.
> When I do the complete list, it's done locally by a list generation
> program on their system, then by using
>  allows the list to automatically fill the <input type=file...> forms
> for each file.
> Everything I've read says that I can initialize enablePrivilege by
> using it with a signed script.  And I have been able to get it to work
> with Netscape 4.x.  However,  it doesn't seem to want to work with
> Netscape 7.x.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as how to do it?
> BTW, I'm using the Unix version of signtool to create the signed
> scripts.

helps to point out how signed scripts are used with Netscape 7


    Martin Honnen



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