creating a web keyboard for data entry within IFRAME

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Subject: creating a web keyboard for data entry within IFRAME
Posted by:  … (Jason)
Date: 9 Sep 2003

so i'm loading an external web page (i.e., into
an IFRAME on top of a web application we have running in IE running on
a kiosk.  the kiosk is only a touch screen and has no hardware

i'm looking to create a software keyboard that can be requested by a
click on our web application (a web page for all intents and
purposes).  the windows accessibility keyboard would be ok, but when
opened from the browser you get the 'confirm opening an exe' dialog,
which ain't cool.  so next i was hoping make an html/flash keyboard
which would talk to the forms within the IFRAME via a javascript
layer.  however i later found that javascript is not permitted to
access the contents of a document within an IFRAME loaded from an
external web site.  so there is no way for javascript to directly
modify the text values of the form elements.

so now i'm stuck....i'm limited to solutions above the IFRAME there a way to programmatically mimic a keypress and send
it to the browser from within the browser?  any other ideas?

any help would be greatly appreciated...