Re: Vector data type (2nd attempt)

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Subject: Re: Vector data type (2nd attempt)
Posted by:  Ray (ray_usen…
Date: 13 Sep 2006

VK wrote:
> Here is another attempt open for criticism, this
> time dead serious. I really need an effective
> Vector emulator for a project (as much effective
> as something not implemeted in language but
> emulated by means of the language itself is: a
> productivity impact is imminent, the question
> is to minimize it).

As a long time Java programmer and newbie in JavaScript--I wonder--what
kind of value does your Vector add on top of JavaScript's existing
Array? Vector was created in Java because Java's Array is nowhere as
flexible as JavaScript's. Not so with JS's Array.

The methods exposed by your Vector class don't add value to what one
does with JS Array--if you think I'm wrong, I'll be glad to be

(and what is with the $add and stuff? They're weird.)


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