Any work-around? Opera 9 and keyCode

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Subject: Any work-around? Opera 9 and keyCode
Posted by:  Paul Gorodyansky (paulg…
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006


I have function that works via onkeypressed -

for example, what to catch when a user presses a punctuation symbol
such as '.'

So I check keyCode for that - works just fine in
Opera 8, Mozilla/Firefox, IE

But in Opera 9 my code catches _both_ '.' and Delete button pressed -
both return 46 as a keyCode.

  keyCode = evt.keyCode ? evt.keyCode :
              evt.charCode ? evt.charCode :
                            evt.which ? evt.which : void 0;

CurrentKey = String.fromCharCode(keyCode) -

value is "." in _both_ cases.

In Opera 8, Mozilla/Firefox, IE the function working via
onkeypressed is NOT even called when I press Delete button...

I don't believe I am the first person to ran into this issue so
I hope some one has already figure out what to do -
don't let Opera 9 'think' that '.' was pressed when Delete button
was pressed.

Paul Gorodyansky